How to Organize a Great Party – Extra Tips

How To Ensure Maximum Attendance

The amount of people attending your party is obviously an important factor in making your party a success. The main problem we encounter is too few people in a large venue. When this happens it is very difficult to create a party atmosphere. Here are a few tips to maximize attendance at your party.

  • Make sure that you account for the fact that some of the people you invite will not be able to attend for whatever reason. Book a small venue so that you can still create a great atmosphere with a small amount of people.
  • Mention food on the invite or perhaps a free bar or free glass of champagne or canapés.
  • Make an effort with the invite. This demonstrates how important the party is to you. It’s a celebration and you really want them to attend. Your guests will notice your efforts and make an extra effort to attend your event.
  • Send out save the date slips. The more notice people have the easier it is to arrange their busy schedules to attend your party.
  • Book an attractive venue with a nice ambience. Everybody loves visiting nice places.
  • Choose a central location.  Your goal is to make it as convenient as possible for your guests so it is worth thinking about where the majority of your guests will be travelling from and giving them plenty of options. I think hotels with function rooms are great because you then have the added convenience of guests booking an overnight stay if they are travelling far.

Your Budget

A party is a luxury experience therefore it will require some funds. The essential purchases will be the venue, DJ, food, invites and room decoration. You will need at least £1000 to hold a successful party so if you cannot come up with this sort of money straight away then you will need to start a saving plan. Decide on an amount that you are comfortable with spending on your party and start a monthly saving plan to reach your goal. You should also consider that your chosen suppliers and your venue will require a deposit when you book so you will need to have access to your funds for this.

Book a Band or DJ

It really depends on what you want. If live music is your thing than obviously a band is for you. Generally a DJ is better suited to get people dancing because they have a much wider range of music available to them. If you are on a tight budget it is also worth considering that a DJ is cheaper than a band and comes with a lightshow. If you have a large budget or want to allocate a large chunk of your budget on entertainment then booking a band early on can work well. You could then book a DJ to fit in around the band’s sets and then play the final couple of hours with floor filling tunes.

Room Decoration

It is really important to decorate the room before your party. It gives the room a party ambience and it shows your guests that you have made an effort.  Your guests will definitely notice if you do not decorate the room. Tablecloths, Glitter, “Happy Birthday” banners, bunting and photographs are inexpensive ways to give the room a party feel. There are some terrific suppliers offering great ideas on how to make your venue look special. Flowers will really finish off a room if your party is a wedding reception but you could also consider things like balloons, up lighters or a starlight led dance floor. Don’t worry if the room still looks a little bare after you have decorated it. Once the food is out and the DJ has set up his or her show the room will look much more like a place to party.