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DJ Dave
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About Dave

Dave runs his own business during the week and at weekends he works for Essex DJs. Dave started DJing in the 1970s with a friend when mobile DJing was still in its infancy. Their show was called Moonraker disco and they used turntables with vinyl records and a basic lightshow. They played at weddings and birthday parties for friends at local venues. Dave then had a long break away from DJing to start a family and concentrate on his full-time job. He returned to DJing when Essex DJs began in 2003.

Dave is reliable, punctual, professional, and forms a great rapport with his clients. He is very accommodating, has a can-do attitude, and always gives 100%. Dave is a great researcher of music, he sources music on the internet and watches music channels to keep up to date with recent chart music; something which every DJ should do more often.

Dave is a formidable party DJ; a real powerhouse; a heavy weight. It’s all out attack with Dave! Subtle and cool this is not! We are talking Cheese, Party, 60s, 70s, and Rock n Roll. Dave goes for it early, he is great at filling a dance floor early on and even better at keeping them there. It’s all about the anthems with Dave, he loves party music and singalong anthems. He’s pretty good at picking out the odd Rock track too! Dave’s style is all about momentum. Once the first revellers are on the dance floor Dave keeps them there then, gradually building momentum, Dave picks up the pace and volume culminating in a crescendo to finish the night on a high!

Dave’s strongest musical genres are: party, cheese, 60s, 70s, 80s, rock n roll, soul, motown, rock, pop, and chart music.

The events which Dave would be most suited to are: weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, and birthday parties (age 30 upwards).

“Please can you pass on a big thank you to Dave the DJ for making my party on the 16th December a blast everybody kept dancing the whole night”

Dave's Feedback

“A big thanks for last night at Prested Hall.
We had a small number of guests compared to normal, but I can honestly say the venue, lighting and everything about the Oak Room setup and music was perfect and exactly what we wanted. “

James's Feedback

About James

James is the business owner of Essex DJs and has been a DJ for 19 years. He has been a full-time professional DJ for 11 years. James started DJing whilst in the armed forces when a friend taught him how to set up a sound system and beat mix using vinyl records.

James continued DJing when he left the armed forces, playing at local venues for weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties whilst working full time before eventually becoming a full time DJ.

James has an impressive level of dedication to his work. He is well presented, reliable, punctual, and focused on giving the best level of service to his clients. James is always looking for ways to improve his skills and regularly attends DJ courses to improve every aspect of his performance.

James is a creative DJ with an eclectic style. He loves the challenge of making a client’s playlist a successful reality. He is great at making even the most uneven playlists flow nicely during his events. James constantly switches genres, never allowing his audience to lose interest whilst carefully observing every crowd reaction. James has an extensive musical knowledge and loves to play new music; particularly at the start of his events. He teases the audience with hidden gems, surprising them with forgotten anthems. Then when he senses the time is right; when the audience are ready, he hits them with the big tracks; the floor fillers; the classics anthems which everybody recognises and loves.

James’s strongest musical genres are: dance, 90s dance, house, garage, r n b, hip hop, pop, chart, 80s, 90s, 00s, soul, and funk.

The events which James would be most suited to are: weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, and birthday parties (age 18 upwards).

About Nick

Nick has been a DJ for 30 years and has been with Essex DJs for 2 years. Nick started DJing at School by teaming up with a friend and completing local events for friends and family. After establishing himself, Nick progressed to completing events covering the whole of Kent. Nick is also an accomplished radio DJ and hosts regular shows with Town 102 and Dream 100.

Nick is great to work with, he has an excellent; can do attitude, he always replies promptly to emails and texts, he is professional, punctual and super reliable. Nick always contacts his clients before an event to go over the details and answer any questions his clients may have. We regularly receive emails from previous clients expressing what a great job Nick did.

Nick has developed his own style of DJing from years of experience. He starts slowly, gradually enticing his audience with gentle foot tappers and familiar anthems. When he senses the time is right he ignites the crowd with floor fillers and party classics! He plays music from every decade, effortlessly switching genres to make sure everybody has an amazing night. Nick has a great ability to judge the mood of the audience. He senses when the dance floor is becoming stale then skilfully changes the tempo and style of the music to keep things varied and maintain the energy of the dance floor.

Nick’s strongest musical genres are: indie, rock, 70s, 80s, 90s, soul, motown, chart, pop, cheese, and party music.

The events which Nick would be most suited to are: weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, and birthday parties (age 30 upwards).

“Just wanted to say Nick was fantastic on Saturday, we all had a fabulous time! This was much appreciated! Highly recommended!”

Nick's Feedback